i was something
made of glass (you meaning
fragile and smudged with fingerprints
and i meaning shattered
and sharp and dangerous)

The bed of grass
Track: Here with Me
Artist: Susie Suh & Robot Koch
Album: Here with Me - Single
Plays: 519

Here with Me » Susie Suh x Robot Koch

this feeling begins just like a spark
tossing and turning inside of your heart
exploding in the dark

Anonymous asked:
that anon is way of, its not wrong of you to question as to why people would call them such degrading names and then try get away with it by saying something stupid like "i used it as a cute petname, its endearing not degrading, i love this character". most people seem very adamant about tagging tw abuse and such but oh its okay to call someone trash as long as its meant as a petname?

totally. also i dont really get why that anon came at me like that when my post was probably the first time they saw someone complaining at that, like i dont go to people’s askbox and tell them that i dont like how they use the word.

also on a final note, using that term very, very occasionally doesnt really bother me that much, i guess is the fact that i keep on seeing it again and again and it usually doesnt give me the feeling of ‘endearment’ at all that really gets me off..

Anonymous asked:
The English language is contextual. Whether a word is degrading or affectionate is dependant on the contexts of its use. The same applies with the word "trash". Also, just because you don't like it does NOT mean you have the right to stop others from using it -- especially given the good intentions behind the term. Please do not become an annoyance and allow others to enjoy the characters as they wish. Artists like netamashii too, have become super angry over unnecessary nitpicking over the term

all languages are contextual. but there are plenty of words in english to show affection and trash is not one of them. i can use the word spaghetti to show affection if i want it too i mean all words are subjected to personal intepretations and varying context. so again, why would you use the term trash to show affection is something i dont quite get. maybe it’s because since spanish/catalan are my first languages and not english, ive never referred to something i appreciate as ‘basura’ so it sounds pretty bizarre to me. 

of course i dont have the right to stop anyone, but seeing how in the case of oikawa tooru, a character i truly identify and whom i really really love, is 80% of the time referred as trash in his tag….it’s exhausting.

and ‘please don’t become an annoyance?’ wtf. it’s the first post ever about the issue that i tagged and im already an annoyance? imagine what it feels if you hate the term and you see it in most of the characters works over and over again. it feels like you’re asking me to do something you keep telling me you’ll refuse to do…

but sigh i really do not want to keep arguing over this. so yeah keep on calling them trash since, of course, i have no power to stop it. ill just be waiting here til the term starts to get overused and people get tired of it.

Anonymous asked:
Excuse the bluntness but I, along with many others, believe that you are overreacting to a label that is not supposed to be literal anyway. It's an affectionate term given by those who understand Kuroo and others very well, on a holistic level.

but the thing is that trash is a pretty degrading term? and for example with kuroo you have this kid who worked to build a team that made his best friend be at ease, he worked so his best friend was confident in himself and always tries for him to feel comfortable. he also helps coach players of rival teams so to make his coach’s dream a reality. he spends so much time in helping others just because he wants to. he says something harmful? he goes to apologize. and just because he smirks or has a mischevious attitude he’s reduced to being called trash? not really cool

of course i cant do anything to stop people from calling them trash but i really, really do not like it so i will call it out as many times as it takes

Anonymous asked:
the trash thing is canon, nekomas coach literally said it's gonna be a trash heap this year, meaning every team is trash or something like that. Tho i agree with you the trash thing is really annoying and people go overboard with it

'the battle of the trash heap' is a canon thing but that's just a name to designate a future karasuno vs nekoma match since both their animal representations are animals that dwell in garbage…….but the characters don't have to pay for it and when people call them trash it's like they are reducing the whole character to a joke and idk it feels like they are erasing so much of them i hate it


it truly does not make sense. it’s like he smirks in one panel and a bunch of people jump like ‘OMG SUCH BAD PERSONALITY HE’S SO TRASHY EHEHEOJOEJJH’ 

why did ppl even start calling characters trash or even calling themselves trash like why is that a thing i dont understand