i was something
made of glass (you meaning
fragile and smudged with fingerprints
and i meaning shattered
and sharp and dangerous)

Anonymous asked:
i can't help but notice your raws are in the nihongo and yet all i can find is chinese raws what are your secrets can you please tell me?

you mean the hijikata and shochan ones? one is reblogged and the other one someone posted it alongside the shochan one and i just posted it on its own, so im sorry to say that i have no idea ):

like an old marrie d couple…. “oop our butts touched but im not impressed anymore”

they are the epitome of old married couple….and arent even 30…….its amazing 

You should talk to me bro. I can do partial translations remember? /pokes

its ok……what i needed translated which was the panel where kagura calls hijikata toshi and hijikata is like who the fuck is toshi was already translated to me…..ill wait patiently with ever1 for the rest….thank you….