i was something
made of glass (you meaning
fragile and smudged with fingerprints
and i meaning shattered
and sharp and dangerous)


  1. Oikawa is cool.
  2. He has nice hair.
  3. He looks very nice in a school uniform.
  4. He’s a good captain. 
  5. He’s a dedicated volleyball player. 
  6. Worthy of cool titles. “The Grand King” see also: Oikawanator
  7. Coaches small kids on his days off.
  8. Plays volleyball on his days off from playing volleyball.
  9. Looks after his nephew.
  10. Gives Tobio advice.
  11. Worked his way up to be as good as he is. 
  12. Has his own hanger.
  13. image

abuto is just so unattractive….like his hair is terrible, not only looks greasy but also feels like a scourer. then his ‘stubble’…if you can even call it that…he probably thinks he’s still young and the beard might come out one day but no abuto, it wont. he has three moustache hairs and five beard hairs, his men insist him that he needs to shave them but he truly believes there’s hope and that a new hair is starting to grow, that it’s just a matter of time he manages to grow a cool beard. also he probably smells.