i was something
made of glass (you meaning
fragile and smudged with fingerprints
and i meaning shattered
and sharp and dangerous)


<A question from “stop making up questions no one asked you bastard”-san from Class 3-Z prefecture>

If Zura got held back, does that mean Takasugi did too?


Well, that’s what happens if you don’t do any of your homework and just coast along like a delinquent.


  • takasugi shinsaku’s actions lead to the the meiji restoration and ultimately the end of the tokugawa shogunate
  • nobunobu’s rl counterpart was the last shogun (the 15th; shigeshige’s rl counterpart was the 14th)
  • shigeshige said that he wants to see the country in a state where it doesn’t need something like a shogun at the beginning of the arc
  • gintamaverse is probably about to go through meiji restoration. unless sorachi doesn’t want to commit to that
Anonymous asked:
Don't forget that Gintoki also pulled a candle out of Zenzou's ass. They are close man. They can't fight.

that’s what i said!!!! i mean look at the red spider arc…the glasses arc….whn they are gonna die 2gether at the hospital for being too fucking stupid…..all those shonen jump discussions………and zenzou was the one gintoki went to in the scandal arc……..i will not allow sads between them