i was something
made of glass (you meaning
fragile and smudged with fingerprints
and i meaning shattered
and sharp and dangerous)

Anonymous asked:
but its gonna be karasuno vs. seijou before either of them play shiratorizawa? it shows that in chapter 115

TRUE i said it wrong it’s

seijou vs datekou

karasuno vs wakunan

and then those winners have a match and then vs. shiratorizawa. which might be even worse because oikawa will loose to tobio and tobiochan will win over ushijima like furudate just thought hmmm what chain of events could hurt oikawa more????i kno this one

SIGHS HEAVILY i know i know…. some part of me thinks that there literally is no point in showing oikawa and iwachans backstory then if theyre never meant to win anyway…..

if at least furudate had room to make them grow in some other way…..oikawa would’ve been such an amazing and refreshing main character but since he’s a secondary onethe possibilities for his development are so strained and it’s just not fair…..im very worried about oikawa……

literally what is the point of makng shiratorizawa win all the time -_- as much as i like karasuno it will make zero sense if they win against shiratorizawa???

i truly love furudate’s writing but i think the problem is where he publishes…..because if it had been somewhere else but the jump i think he could’ve had much more freedom and the protags wouldnt have to win just because they are that, the protags. i mean yeah we are assuming already so much and it would be incredible if i can swallow up all these words, but i dont know it just looks so clear….and you put this team with two people that have been trying to surpass someone for like 6years, one of them overworking himself to the bone and who because the protags need to defeat the strongest they won’t be able to do so…and that’s just sad and terrible and awful and i do love karasuno but the history btw seijou and shiratorizawa is much more important than this one-chapter rivalry btw karasuno and shiratorizawa…..im just…s.ad…..

Anonymous asked:
I saw your tags about finding Furudate in regards to Seijou and could you possibly mean the set up of the tournament in manga currently because when I realised I was so mad and now I'm just so sad ;__;


Seijou vs Datekou

Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa

mmmmmmhhhh i dont know what will happen i truly DONT………and im mad because idc about Shiratorizawa and would have preferred a Shiratorizawa vs Seijou with a final match between Karasuno vs Seijou….(and even better with a Seijou win). but the world is cruel and ruthless so we must endure and try not cry too much

Anonymous asked:
i want to read more barakamon im dying

me 2 anon. i still have to check the raws and that stuff but god….only 25ch……….if at least i lived on the states which is where they have licensed the manga…..